Year: 2022

19 Sep 2022

How to Launch a Brand Campaign Online

Launching a new brand campaign is no easy feat. Turning to digital marketing and online platforms can provide you with a significant amount of reach and awareness. Choosing to launch your brand campaign online has several benefits and offers a high return on investment. However, like launching a campaign through traditional channels, you need to […]

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27 Jun 2022

New Instagram features affecting digital marketing

It feels like every day that Instagram announces a new feature that they are introducing or testing. Some of these changes do not have to have an influence on your marketing strategy as they do not change the way users engage and interact on the platforms. There are certain changes, however, that cause users to […]

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25 Apr 2022

Reasons to consider TikTok for your business

TikTok has taken the world by storm! Launched in 2016, it has subsequently become one of the largest social media platforms worldwide, with other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube implementing similar video content strategies on their platforms. It has also become an important marketing tool for businesses, enabling them to reach their […]

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17 Mar 2022
laptop and smartphone on a desk next to social media icons

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most talked-about digital marketing elements as it helps a business website rank higher on search engine results pages. Google is South Africa’s most widely used search engine, and the higher your website’s ranking on Google, the more organic traffic is driven to your site. This is important […]

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01 Feb 2022
pc screen on a desk with a plant and calculator next to it

What is the Digital Marketing Mix?

For the last 50 years the ‘4Ps’ of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion – have been the pillars of any successful marketing campaign for a very good reason. By focusing on these four critical elements when marketing to consumers, companies are able to effectively sell their products to consumers. The advent of social […]

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